What is keyword quality score & how will it impact cost per click? 

Today i am going to explain you how i got this score 10/10 in detailed, what I have done, and how many days i took for this. Follow my suggestions for sure you will see a drastic improvement in quality score for your business keywords. 

First, we will see what is Keyword Quality Score?

Quality score is the score given to keywords based on the quality of the landing pages, Ad copies and Click through rate. It is calculation of how keywords, ads and landing pages are relevant to the user who is interacting with our Ad. The highest quality score for every keyword would be 10. Higher quality score ads will lead to better ad positions at low cost per click, and lower quality score ads lead to worse ad positions at highest cost per click.

Importance of Quality score:

Google determine Ad Rank based on keyword quality score (max cost per click is also another factor that Google will consider). Eventually Ad Rank decides Ad position (who gets first position, who gets 2nd position etc). If your ads don’t meet threshold Ad Rank, Google even won’t serve your ads to users when they are searching for your business. One can get the best the Ad Rank with good quality score at lowest cost per click. So, you need not to pay more to get good Ad Rank, work and improve your quality score instead. 

Now, we will see the factors influence quality score and to what extent they will influence:

As per Google, 3 factors will influence quality score which everyone knows. But all the 3 factors won’t affect the quality score equally; this is what we have to understand. 1. Ad Relevance, 2. Expected Click Through Rate and 3.Landing Page Experience will determine the keyword quality score. Ad relevance and Expected CTR will show a minor impact on the quality score, but LANDING PAGE EXPERIENCE will have a major impact on quality score from my personal experience (and from Google point of view). 

Google will give a quality score based on the status of the influencing factors. It will show either below average, average or above average status message on the keyword column. Above average indicates nothing to optimize, average indicates that there is a scope for optimization and below average indicates that nothing is well. So always remember and make sure that our score message is above average and it should not be below average for any of the 3 influencing factors.

Now, Let me explain how to increase:

Work on 3 factors, so that you will get a good quality score, but how to work on them. Is that what you are going to me next? Well I will explain here each and every hack that will help us to improve keyword quality score from 6/10 to 10/10 like I did. There is no rocket science involved in this, just follow what I (and Google) ask you to follow and increase in very quick time. So we will go one after one

First let us understand what are Ad relevance, Expected CTR and Landing page experience in short. 

  1. Ad Relevance – Defined by how relevant our ad copy to the user search term when they are searching 
  2. Expected CTR – Defined by how many times a particular keyword triggered ads (Impressions) on Google and how many times users actually end up clicking (Clicks) on the ad
  3. Landing Page Experience – Defined by how relevant is the landing page (page where users will be taken) to the user post the ad interaction

How to improve Ad Relevance?

  1. Add the keyword search terms in your ad copy Headlines, Description, and Display URL
  2. Create Responsive Search Ads (with 5 max 15 headlines and 4 descriptions)
  3. Create Dynamic Keyword Insertion Ads (At least 1 DKI ad per Adgroup)
  4. Create Ad Customizer Ads (Keyword level)
  5. Add 2-3 keywords per Ad group which are very similar

If you follow the above hacks you can see a improvement in the Ad relevance score. Initially it might be below average or average, but once you implement the strategies for sure it might become average or above average. 

How to improve Expected CTR?

  1. Add more negative keywords to the list
  2. Make sure that your ads are showing above the organic results on the first page
  3. Use Dynamic Keyword Insertion ads to get more clicks
  4. Use Target Impression Share bid strategy to show ads on top of organic search results
  5. Use Ad customizer ads to show relevant terms in ad copies
  6. Use Count Down ads to attract users (If relevant)
  7. Use Responsive Search ads
  8. Create more tightly themed Ad groups 
  9. Make sure that Ad copy is unique and attractive
  10. Add more Ad Extensions 

Follow the above tips and techniques, so that you can improve Expected CTR from below average to average, average to above average in very short time. 

How to improve Landing Page Experience?

  1. Landing page should match with your keywords and Ad copy
  2. Create content unique and informative
  3. Optimize meta tags of the landing page (Title, URL, and Description)
  4. Make sure that page loading should be fast
  5. Test 2 different landing pages in 1 campaign. 

Implement the above mentioned tips to increase post ad user experience when they reach landing page once they click the ad copy. 

Always remember high quality score leads to better ad positions by paying low cost per click, but low quality score leads worst ad positions even though you are ready to pay more money than your competitors. Because Google wants quality than money, user experience is more important than money for Google. 

Finally, how many days I took to increase score from 6 to 10 is almost 20- 25 days, I have implemented all the above techniques and I got a very good and fast results for my campaigns. And I am pretty much sure that you can also get a good quality score if you implement them wisely. 

All the very best and looking forward to hear more from you, and what do you think will be the most affective technique to improve quality score