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Pay-per-click, I guess everyone have come across this word at least once in digital marketing, it is also known as PPC which is used to drive traffic to websites when the ad is clicked. The pay-per-click is associated with the first-tier search engines. Getting it in simpler words it is a kind of search engine marketing where advertisers pay every time once their ads are clicked. If you want to learn Pay per click training in depth then you can go through Google ads training modules. In this course we are going to teach about what is PPC or Search Engine Marketing, why Google ads are important, what to learn from this PPC course and who can learn this. Firstly, let us make a basic understanding of how this works. So, let’s get started…..

What are Google ads or PPC or search engine marketing?

Search engine marketing is one of the best forms of PPC, where the advertisers are allowed to bid for their ads on keywords related to the searches someone make. For example if we bid on the search “PPC course online” our ad might be visible on the top in the search results.

Whenever our ad is clicked, as the search engine is sending a visitor to our website we need to pay a minimal amount of fee to the search engine. So, that our brand is promoted to the people.

Google ads, which is also known as Google ad words. It is considered as the most popular PPC advertising system in the world. The advertisers are given ad ranks based on the biding of the keywords and the ads get scattered among the search engines for each of the website. The Google adwords course can give you a brief knowledge on how this whole system works on. The difference between PPC and SEO is the traffic from SEO is free and PPC will charge you for each click to their website.

Why Google ads are important?

Why would someone refer to a paid promotion if it is not worth? Here are some benefits that PPC would offer to you. If you are dealing with the Google ad words course then learning these benefits would be a cake walk for you.

  1. The Google ads help with adjusting the position on the page. Even if the user doesn’t want to view the ad also you can’t skip the ad and move further without viewing it which gives the brand recognition among the general public.
  2. You can have the best improved ads where you can control your ads and deliver you message through calls, messages and site links. Creating ads like this can dominate the page and the customers are easily attracted to your website or application.
  3. You can also sell a product through visual ads, which is mostly used in shopping websites and related searchers. For example, you need a watch and some of the visual displays of watches are displayed from where you can choose the best and give a sale to the product.
  4. You can easily target the potential customers for your website and make them clear about your ads in an effective way you want. So, branding of your product becomes simpler.
  5. The brand or websites or applications are taken to the public very fast with a rapid speed so that even if it is a new brand, it is taken to market in a simpler way even sitting at your home. The person who had done the Google ads course will take care of it for you, if the content and agenda is given to them.

What to learn from this course?

Everyone might have come up with the same question what to learn and how to learn this course. If you just want a brief view about it you can also learn from advance digital marketing course or else if you want to choose your career as PPC expert then it would be better if you attend the PPC expert classes. To learn this you must be very clear about how to rank and give a right place in the search results. You will learn the following topics from this PPC course…

Account Structure

Ad Extension Types

Creating Video Campaigns

Billing Methods

Search Re-Marketing

Campaign Creation

Keyword Quality Score

Creating Shopping Campaigns

Conversion Tracking

Display Re-Marketing

Campaign Creation

Creating Search Campaigns

Creating App Installation Campaigns

Negative Keywords List Creation

Call Only Camapigns

Bidding Methods

Creating Display Campaigns

Creation of Google Merchant Center

Re-Marketing Audience List Creation

Drafts and Experiments

And while you are going through this PPC training you must be sure on what devices you are targeting like mobile, laptops or tablets. Targeting according to the location might also be an importance aspect to learn because promoting air conditioners in hill stations makes no sense and you also have to learn to schedule the ads in a proper way just like the device and location the bidders can bid for their ads on basis of day and night and weekdays and weekends.

Budgeting and making an ad delivered in a right way is an essential part to sharpen. And also can learn what is keyword quality score, how to improve quality score, how to improve CTR, how to track website conversions, track phone calls, how to create remarketing audience lists, create remarketing campaigns etc.

Who Can Learn This?

Coming to the question of who can learn, there is no age, qualification restrictions to learn this you can also learn this PPC course online if you want to restart your career right away.

  1. All the graduates irrespective of their stream can learn this and flourish their career in a right way.
  2. Dropouts can start up as a second life for them because you don’t need to go out and work for this course, you can just sit at your home operate this on your fingertips.
  3. People who are working can also learn this and choose this as their part time working and can earn good income through this.
  4. It would be better if a person who runs an online market learn this because he can promote his own brand effective knowing the ways of communicating to public from the place he is and can save from spending so much through traditional marketing.

Finally concluding I would say taking up the Google ads course can be helpful even if you are choosing your career as a marketer or sales person. There is a lot of scope in online to grow. So, what are you waiting for???? Crave your career!!!!

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