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As digital marketing has a rapid growth in today’s world,if one is choosing this as a career prospective then it would be an excellent opportunity to grow. According to a case study it is said that in India, by the year 2020 there would be more than 20 lakh jobs produced by the digital industry. So let us know what actually digital marketing course is and how it is useful to today’s generation and who can learn.

What is digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is referred as an online platform to promote goods and services, which can be promoted through search engines optimization, social media, mobile applications, e-mails, etc. the main motive of digital marketing is to create an online recognition for every brand, which is helpful in increasing the business and to expand their products. While on other side traditional marketing include physical communication, print ads, etc. digital marketing can happen online anywhere and anytime around the world which has endless number of marketing opportunities. Now a days each and every brand seems to have an online recognition for themselves or at least have a social presence. Number of strategies fall under the umbrella of “digital marketing”.  The different types of digital marketing are


Search engine optimization

Affiliate marketing

Content Marketing

Email marketing

Social Media Marketing

Online PR

Pay Per Click (ppc)

Inbound marketing

How can we start digital marketing Training?

After knowing about digital marketing the first question people ask me is how to learn digital marketing? Digital Marketing course can be opted both online and offline. Learning digital marketing is a pretty easy thing, and it is not stressful as traditional marketing.There are digital marketing training institutes all over the world.For learning this course first you need to be good at your communication and writing skills. Getting enrolled for this is not a tough task and many digital marketing training institutes are located in Hyderabad around us. The training institutes give us a brief knowledge about how Seo,Social Media,Google Ads,Email Marketing plays a vital role in business and train us according to the customs and traditions of the marketing world. These digital marketing training institutes offer placements right after the completion of the course, but make sure that you pursue it in a certified training institute. The other way you may also have after completion after the course is to become a digital marketing trainer after completion of the course. The digital marketing program includes:

Search engine optimization

Social media marketing

Online Reputation Management

Paid Search

Mobile marketing


Email marketing


Google Adsense

Display advertising

Google Search Console

Affiliate Marketing

MThere are also certified online digital marketing courses which can be done worldwide. If you are a graduate or working professional I would suggest you to take up online training which can save your time, because there are more certified trainers online and you can get in touch with the trainers all around the world which gives the learner more exposure to the topic. Online Digital marketing training is expanding in Hyderabad and in any other metropolitan cities to give a wide range for learners. I would say that learning through online there would be more scope for placements and internships. Opting for an online digital marketing program is merely your choice.

A digital marketing course with certification has lot of value and career to go through with. The subject of digital marketing is vast and always has something to learn in it. If you want to choose this as a career learning advanced digital marketing would be helpful. You can also find advanced digital marketing training in Hyderabad approximately in each and every area.

Why is digital marketing important?

 Digital marketing is a rapidly growing field where it is highly competitive. Every brand needs a digital marketer on board to take their brand to public. So learning digital marketing is always WORTH IT!! This is broken into number of fields and for those with right skills. Here are some statements which prove that digital marketing is important and have demand in the current situation.

  1. 76% of the marketing changed in the past 2 years
  2. 60% of the people are choosing their product through this type of marketing
  3. 49% of the business are actively doing digital marketing

What else do we need to tell that digital marketing is trending these days………

What to learn from this course?

Content Making: The first thing a digital marketer should learn is content making. Today’s consumers will have a value and demand based on the content and tips we suggest. So, content plays a major role in digital marketing. 

Search Engine Optimization: Google receives 63000 searches per second. By understanding and practicing the methods and tips will help the company’s blog rank on the first page of relevant search terms.

Copywriting: A digital marketer is responsible for creating concise, motivational and promotional content. So, copywriting skills are essential to learn.

Blogging: 53% of marketers state that blogging is their top content marketing priority. To become a successful marketer one should learn how to create, develop, write, format and produce a blog.

Social Media Marketing: Social media marketing refers to promoting a product through a social media platform like instagram, Facebook, twitter. This way of promoting gives your product more identification among general public. 

Google Ads: This ads helps us to identify and reach the interested products and services that the customers want. So through learning these Google ads we can make sure what the customer actually want.

Industry knowledge: You may not be a successful digital marketer if you are having an educational experience, but knowing about the emerging trends and working on it is also important.

Who can learn digital marketing?

Sales and marketing professionalsAdvertising without digital is no more an option. Sales and marketing professionals need to develop and understand digital marketing in depth to sustain in their career.

EntrepreneursDigital marketing gives us the way to start a business with low or no budget. It is best option for entrepreneurs to learn digital marketing so that they will learn new ways of approaching their target customers.

StudentsNo matter whether you are pursuing HR, finance, marketing or sales you always have a career for yourself as a digital marketer. This gives a wide opportunity to students than anyone else; they can also choose this stream as a part time and also for the internship purposes.

We are at the time where people use internet for everything from paying bills to planning a vacation. The growing internet has created opportunity for digital marketing to expand and flourish business day to day. I can confidently tell that digital marketing is a good career choice that anyone can make in this technical revolution.

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