It is clear that either you are planning to make a career in digital marketing in India or you would like to know more about Digital marketing career opportunities, as you are here to go through this post. Usually many questions will trigger in our mind when we think about Job opportunities in digital marketing like, fields we can enter, pay scale, career growth, learning various desired skills, etc.

Here we are posting this article to answer all your questions ensuring you to be one step closer in making the right decision regarding your career.

Scope of Digital Marketing in India

Over a decade Digital marketing has seen remarkable growth. Studies revealed that by the end of this year 2021 it is expected to provide 18 Lacs jobs per year approximately,

As the world is heading towards digital technologies everyone is being on the internet irrespective of their age, status, gender, or location. This makes companies and marketers take advantage and not to ignore digital users. Hence, a career in digital marketing in India is seeking importance.

Internet penetration in India is far higher compared to other countries like the US & UK. Also people were preferring online companies over traditional companies. To reach their customers 90% of the brands are coming forward to spend more than 20% of their marketing budget on Digital Marketing. One can understand how a job opportunity in digital marketing can nourish your career in India after having the above mentioned data.

Career opportunities in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing provides various career opportunities. One with coding skills can opt web designing vertical, or if one loves writing then he/she can become a content writer. Other general digital marketing career paths include SEO analyst, Social media Marketer, Youtuber, Affiliate marketer, Business Analyst, etc

Let’s talk more about some most common digital marketing profiles in India, below:

Web Developer & Web Designer

A web developer or designer is the one who is responsible for the coding, designing, developing, and maintaining websites. These are the people behind the great and amazing websites and web pages we usually browse on the internet. One should have knowledge of various coding languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, Bootstrap, My SQL .NET, etc is required. Also one must have skills to deal with CMS like WordPress, Magento, Webly, etc. A web designer or developer can opt to work as a full-time employee or work as a freelancer.

SEO Analyst/Expert

SEO professionals are responsible for generating traffic to the website by improving the Google search rankings of any website. They make sure that a web page is optimized according to search engine webmasters, web and are mobile-friendly & free from crawling issues. This vertical is a better career option for people aspiring for a digital marketing career in India. One can do work as a freelancer or as a full-time employee for a company, also can undertake online assignments.

Social Media Executive or Social Media Manager

A Social Media Executive or Manager is the person who is responsible for handling all the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, etc. they need to be updated and follow social media closely. They need to keep a note of all the social media trends and coordinate with copywriters and graphics designers. Primary requirements for this job role will be sound knowledge regarding social media challenges and creative ways of approaching things.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or PPC Expert

People working under this profile are responsible for the ads which we usually see while browsing the internet irrespective of their relevance. In the present market environment these profiles are in huge demand as they can generate leads which can be their potential prospects for the business. Primary responsibilities of these professionals usually include keyword analysis/research for ad copy, maintaining ad groups, generating insights and analytic reports, optimizing landing pages, and coordinating with the creative team for ad copies and creatives. Search engine marketing or pay per click is a better digital marketing career option for candidates with excellent analytical skills.

Content Writer & Content Marketer

If you love writing then the content writer position is the best-suited profile for you if you are desiring for a digital marketing career in India. But one thing you should remember is writing for a website or a social media copy or content for an email is completely different from writing an essay or writing a story. A content marketer should take responsibility for creating fancy and trending content, coordinating with the SEO team, Keyword research, creating readable and unique content, etc. Content writing is not something everyone can do. It needs a passion to write and skills to research and dump details in the content. Thus this profile is high prominence compared to other profiles. The only concern for this profile is good command over the language and creative way of thinking

Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing Manager is responsible for overall digital marketing, designing strategies, generating web traffic, supervising all the other team members as listed above. In other words he/she will be the boss for the digital marketing vertical and can be considered as the head and ultimate decision-maker. One must possess experience of about 7-10 years in the digital marketing vertical to be a digital marketing manager which every professional in this industry usually aims for. This is the highest paid profile in digital marketing.

Inbound Marketing Manager

The inbound marketer is responsible for creating a strategy to attract customers. The major responsibilities of an inbound marketer include lead nurturing, conversion rate optimization, funnel, and conversion tracking at each stage, drip marketing, content planning, etc. Content marketing is one of the strategies an inbound marketer has to plan. Hence it is said that the responsibilities of inbound marketer and content marketer overlap a but.

In other words, we can say that inbound marketer designs a strategy to attract customers using content, while content marketer creates content and executes the strategy designed by an inbound marketer.

Conversion Rate Optimizer

The primary responsibility of conversion rate optimizer is to increase the conversion rate at every stage of marketing funnel which is an art. CRO experts being one more member of a digital marketing team usually deals with many other secondary tasks like designing and developing landing pages, designing email marketing templates, etc. Increasing conversion is very important at each stage of a marketing funnel from attracting more clicks for an ad copy to converting leads into customers.

Along with the profile mentioned above, there are some other profiles which organizations usually require for dealing with many other internal things in digital marketing:

  • Email Marketing Manager
  • Analytics Manager
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Business Development Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • E-commerce Manager etc

Apart from being a full-time employee in any organization one can even work as a freelancer. You can also start your own digital marketing venture If you are confident enough. As the market scenario changed completely because of the Covid-19 outbreak, the demand for freelancers in digital marketing is increasing. One with skills and knowledge can gain a lot in this industry.


Digital marketing will be a very good career choice for someone who is willing to switch or pursue in 2020. It has got wide range of job opportunities as mentioned above with decent salary packages. All the best for your future!!

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