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SEO is namely known as “Search Engine Optimization”; SEO plays a major in digital marketing. The search engine optimization is used to increase the traffic for website through organic search results. The major used search engines are Google, yahoo and Bing which have primary search results and the other videos or content are shown on rank based which the search engine finds most relevant to the customer. So, that they can choose the service they want. To become an expert one should go through SEO training to understand the key concepts and the periodic table of SEO. There are three major types in SEO.

On-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Local SEO

What is search engine optimization?

Going through the topic one should be very clear about what is search engine and how it is useful for digital marketing and how can we learn this. As already mentioned search engine optimisation is used to rank the website and create traffic to particular content by targeting the customers. Companies will look to SEO to gain awareness among the public and to rank them higher in a search engine. Once you join a SEO course you will be getting a clear vision on how the ranking goes on. There are three different types of search engines.

  1. White hat SEO

This helps to improve the performance of the website by following the rules and regulations of search engine. Suppose if a company is using Bing then it would acquire the rules and regulations of the same search engine. This is a long lasting technique because it thoroughly follows all the rules and regulations which are taught in the SEO classes.

  1. Black hat SEO

The black hat SEO is just used to increase the company’s ranking either by violating the rules of the search engine they are working for. This is used by the people who perform illegal actions like hacking or sending viruses, there are chances that a company can be banned by using this kind of search engine optimization. The black hat SEO is clearly banned from many SEO courses online not to misguide the learner.

  1. Grey hat SEO

Understanding the grey hat SEO is a bit complicated, it helps in improving the ranking of the website without any negative consequences. The grey hat changes through period one year it might be white hat and other year it might be into black hat. It just reduces the risk of getting banned from a search engine.

Why is SEO important?

Each and every company aims or targets always to be in the first position, SEO helps the companies to always rank based on the key words. Suppose you have a textile business and your keywords would be silk, cotton or anything that we want a reader to search or find for it.

  1. Google owns about 75% of overall search market because it possess over 1 billion users which makes learning SEO important if you are starting a business.
  2. Seo drives organic traffic to the websites consistently when compared with google paid ads
  3. YouTube is the second largest search engine where ads can be published.
  4. SEO offers a trust to the website to make business.
  5. When a brand needs to promoted or taken to the public through an online platform then it must contain particular rules for raking on the top position. SEO does that ranking practices through different organic search engines.
  6. Not only saying that Google is the best search engine but also other search engines also acquires 25%of the search market. So, the product can be ranked in either of the search engines.

SEO has its own importance and learning SEO course with digital marketing will boost up your resume and will give you an unbreakable foundation to start up your career.

What to learn from this course?

You can also gain enough knowledge even if you learn SEO by your own. In the long run I would suggest opting for online search engine optimization course where you have number of tutorials of what to learn and can have field practices from an online SEO training. You have various aspects of SEO to learn, some of them are

On Page & Off-page Seo

Google Analytics 

Website Analysis

Keyword Research

Competitor Analysis

Writing Valueable Content

Guest Blogging

Google Search Console

You can also learn these from SEO training institutes along with digital marketing. Some of the basics you need to know from SEO are

  1. Firstly we need to research on what people actually want before writing or ranking.
  2. Focus mainly on the headings and taglines, the more effective the more people refer from. But never add too cheesy or cheap headings which will leave an impression and make a strategy from your competitors.
  3. The must thing is to use SEO-friendly URLs
  4. If you want more visitors for your website use of images or charts or graphs will give a clear picture and video streaming is one of the hottest trends now.
  5. We have to make the customers engaged to our website.

Who can learn SEO?

It is not needed to learn programming to learn SEO. The basic knowledge of HTML and CSS would be enough. This is not a complete technical work so anyone can learn and make a career in it even through online search engine optimization training. Many part time courses are widely available both online and offline

  1. Students can opt for this course along with their graduation to shape up their future.
  2. Even drop outs and home makers can learn this and can give a good start in career.
  3. The people who are opting to set up an online platform for business or making an online market can learn this and can rank himself in higher position as amazon and flipkart.
  4. Digital marketing trainers also can learn this course to give brief knowledge to the learners.

Anyone with a good language can learn SEO because language will play a major role. You can learn this course in a span of two to three months but always must have a watch on the changing trends and must be on update to have a bright future in this stream because it is highly competitive and hard to sustain……

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