Having a huge audience base for online content, makes it necessary for business organizations to be online as well and the digital way of marketing is the instant way to reach them. Online marketing has come a long way and the trends of digital marketing have seen changes rapidly where a new method appears before us every now and then. Whatever segment your business may fall into, there’s no denying that 2020 brought many changes in all fronts when it comes to digital marketing. Many companies and digital marketers and consultants are trying their best to stay a step ahead in their field of business and keep up with the flow. However we are here to take a look at Some of the top digital marketing opportunities and online marketing challenges that a business can face in this stream of online marketing.

Below mentioned are the major Challenges in Internet Marketing:

The Demand of the Customers:

We can see that the demand for customers may change frequently and also it’s too hard to fulfill every demand. The demand of the customer is the most important challenge a digital marketer needs to overcome, as customers are the ultimate audience of our business show. Many surveys reveal that more than 80% of corporate strategists’ opinions that customers’ expectations of their business are somewhat or higher than they were in the past. And also it is concluded that it is not easy to keep up and very difficult to please customers.

Lack of Skilled Professional:

Digital marketing is overriding traditional marketing. Many companies are now more interested in Online marketing and online product promotion and also we can see a huge demand for digital marketing professionals in the market. But we should also agree that there is a lack of skilled labor in this sector. This is one of the considerable biggest among the challenges of E-marketing. This is because of the dynamic nature of the process and emerging new technologies. Hiring suitable resource is becoming difficult as we need to consider both their marketing, technical, communication, and creative skills.

Maintaining Security:

Security is one more considerable online marketing challenge in the digital world where people share a variety of content online which also includes personal information. Even after having a better firewall, HTTPS encryption, and antivirus program it is suggested to work with a security team. The team can identify the flaws and threatening factors in the website and try to reduce the security risk

Increase of Budget Due to Ad Fraud:

Ad fraud is becoming one of the major challenges in Internet Marketing. Small entrepreneurs and small companies are often suffering because of ad fraud. Compared to many countries like Germany, India, Australia, and France, the USA is having the worst rates of ad fraud.

Huge Amount of Big Data:

Information, the soul of online marketing is emerging as one of the biggest challenges of E-marketing. Big data companies are learning more about their customers and trying to make more personalized content to attract their customers. This makes them lose their customer’s confidence because of hyper-personalized offers.

Use of Ad Blockers:

Adblocking is becoming a very big problem for online marketing as professionals are not able to reach their customers through the ads. Hence online marketing is concentrating more on native advertising which includes sponsored blog posts, reviews, and mentions. This way of marketing helps them and ensure that information is available only to the relevant audience.


Live streaming:

Now social media have come up with a live streaming option where people have got an opportunity to stream their life events and all the people in their community can watch the content. This makes the world more open than before. Faster and updated dynamic technologies and availability at cheaper tariffs, of internet connections, allow people to stream their events or follow live streamers and feel like interacting with another in their lives but virtually. Coming to online marketing, live streaming is a better way to promote business and products directly online. We can promote even ourselves and boost our profile. Presenting live sessions and answering queries leads to an increase in trust.  Live streaming can boost business and sales, however, it can also lead to failure and disasters if people are not satisfied. Hence b, it is suggested to consult experts and get their tips before going for live to get success by using the Live streaming option.

Lesser Attention Spans:

With the availability of huge information and various options in these days, the attention spans have seen rapid fall and kept on falling every day. Business organizations have to adapt their strategies to cope with this trend. We should make sure that we have to cut the noise of larger information and unnecessary content used in publicity which may divert our audience. We have to plan our strategy in such a way that our content will be short and straight to the point without having any heavy fancy words while promoting our service or product by using catchy-phrases and relevant promotional materials. A good idea will be the one that can cut the noise in the content by using one of the services that help us to filter out the excess phrases and information. We just need to focus on important things and make sure that they attract the short attention span of current generation customers. We need to keep in mind that there is nothing worse than having a great product but with a bad reputation because of over flooding of unnecessary information for your customers.

Content Marketing:

It is truly said that we all are having more access to information in this century than before. However, people are becoming more and more difficult to convince when it comes to new products and services. This makes content writing much more important than ever before. Mere exposure of all the positives regarding your product is not enough – but it is important to make your customers hear about your product from others.

Niche is Popular:

Subcultures, niche sports, etc are the long-neglected activities that are booming and becoming more popular in the era. We don’t need an expert to tell that niche groups are becoming more dominant. Coming to online marketing, it will be a good idea to target a few of the niche cultures and trends by way of involving them in online marketing campaigns. Partnerships have become more familiar in 2020 than before which helps businesses to get publicity by way of helping certain groups. Thanks to influencer marketing and viral marketing and also the way people were spreading the word across the internet.

Virtual and Augmented Reality:

We all know that Virtual and Augmented reality has become a new trend and booming in the market. But the question of thought is how we can utilize this new range of technology to reach our customer base? Along with all new and unfamiliar trends, it’s a good idea to consult an expert digital marketer and think about using this new and updated piece of technology to promote our business. One of the most accepted strategies is creating VR promotional videos and AR animations that will help customers to experience our product in a risk-free environment. However, we can’t make use of this technology for promoting every product and service existing between earth and sky but having some exceptions. If done properly, using virtual reality in promotions will boost our business for sure. Even though it costs a lot for virtual reality it is very much accessible and spreading each day. Unlike VR, AR is available to access anyone with a smartphone which makes it possible to reach a huge audience. The only challenge here is to find a creative yet smart way of using this technology to promote products and services of any business.


Now this is the time to start planning your unique digital marketing strategy for 2020 if you haven’t started already. As we mentioned there will be opportunities and challenges in digital marketing, but one can be successful if they balance both equally.

Please comment if we missed anything and what do you think is the most challenging aspect among all?

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