The art of learning Digital Marketing is as simple as learning to play a guitar or can be as difficult as getting into your best physique. It all depends upon your enthusiasm to learn digital marketing in this most competitive era of 2020.

There are several things to learn in the highly recommended digital marketing platform. Be it for a career growth or for online money earning.

“Knowledge is like a pebble on the sea shore, the more you walk the more you get.’’

There is never an end to learning. Same can be considered for digital marketing.

It’s like diving down to the deep ocean. The deeper you dive, the more you get to know about it. This holds true for digital marketing as well

There are several skills which are to be learned in digital marketing, we will be talking about the steps to learn digital marketing in detailed throughout this blog.

Before we dive into the best ways to learn digital marketing, let us understand what is digital marketing first. Digital marketing is a component of marketing which utilizes internet to promote or advertise brands or products or services on digital technologies such as mobiles, desktops, tablets and laptops.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Content Sharing, Blogging, Paid Marketing, Website development, Social media marketing, E-mail marketing, Adsense, Affiliate marketing, Video marketing, E-commerce marketing, Mobile marketing to count as few.

Though there are various ways to learn digital marketing. However, here are a few best ways to learn advanced digital marketing:

  1. Self learning
  2. Joining some institute
  3. Attend webinar
  4. Take online training and
  5. Join as an intern

Self learning: Self learning is the best form of learning. But for that a lot of research needs to be done about market scenario and the best sites or blogs to be followed in order to learn digital marketing. At times it could be time-consuming. Sometimes the contents can be misleading and being a newbie it will be either difficult or time taking to decide on the correct content.

Of course self learning can only provide us with the theoretical knowledge. But we must get down into the pool if we want to measure its depth, i.e. we must have a real time experience while dealing with digital marketing. Which certainly self learning cannot provide practical knowledge especially for a newbie who is passionate to learn this course for career or personal growth.

Joining some institute: Joining some institute is one of the ways these days as they not only provide the theoretical knowledge but also give an over view about the industry environment. They might also provide the test cases which will provide a clear vision of what the industry actually looks like. Access to various tools is also provided which can up-skill your knowledge as well. Before you join the course in the institute you must take a survey about the institute, ask the previous students, attend demo and take the decision. Most of the training institutions will provide theory explanations, but they don’t provide practical examples with real time scenarios.

Webinar: Now a days many experts conduct various free Webinar where they give brief introduction about the various platform in which digital marketing operates. This helps in getting an over all idea about the content and can help you decide whether you want to go ahead with this platform or not.

Online Training: In this highly occupied world, picking out leisure time is really a tough nut to crack. Joining online training can actually help you solve this issue. You can access the course from anywhere and everywhere. Any person be it working individual, freshers or even students can undertake such online courses sitting in any part of the world. This will also ensure that you are saving your time, unnecessary trouble and at the same time you are getting guidance from the best trainer and that too at your ease with affordable fee.  

In short, Online training institutions can work as a combination of both self learning and joining some institute. Where you can not only save your time while learning, but also get real time experience by getting access to many tools, working on case studies, and getting instant guidance from the mentor in case you get stuck somewhere. 

Learn as Intern: If you want to learn digital marketing with real time projects then join any company as an intern, so that you get some hands-on experience. This helps you to understand and upgrade your skill set according to industry requirements. Initially the companies might not pay you for internship, but as your vintage increases they start paying you. This would be one of the most effective and easy way to learn digital marketing.    

However you need to be extremely careful and cautious while dealing with any such institutions or courses.

People might fall under prey of various websites which do not contain relevant contents. With an increment in fraudulent cases giving any details, making payment etc can have many serious repercussions. So again brain-storming and bit of homework needs to be done before enrolling into any of the courses or institutions. People who move by guesswork, without practical, definite plans, are comparable to a ship without rudder. Sooner or later the will land on rock.

So proper planning and alertness is also required so that we don’t fall into prey.

To be sure of success, one must have plans which are faultless.

Along with the above mentioned ways, there are few more ways to learn digital marketing and become its expert in no time.

  • Be in touch with an expert or learn from a real time working professional, so that he can guide you and explain the current trends in the field
  • Connect to various Facebook pages or instagram profiles or follow and subscribe to Youtube channels initially who is expert in digital marketing field. This helps in developing atleast a vague idea initially but gradually it will enhance your understanding.
  • Start reading related blogs, read articles, attend webinars, join relatable whatsapp group(s).
  • Various certification courses are also available. You can choose any course and and go ahead with it. Most of them are self-paced i.e. you can do them at your ease and free time
  • Above all, practice as much as you can. There is no substitute available for this.  After all it is rightly said “Practice makes a man perfect!”


There are many best ways to learn digital marketing online. The good thing is that one can make use of the resources listed above to learn at home. All you have to do is read as much as you can, attend online sessions and webinars for free.

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